Fertility drugs

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When you know that the hormonal system is a feedback system, it is easy to understand that getting high doses of synthetic hormones can disrupt it. Fertility drugs is one of those groups of hormones that can leave a lasting imprint on your system and throw off your hormone balance. Have you stopped ovulating all together since having had fertility drugs? Are your periods more irregular than ever or even absent? Did you get PCOS symptoms after taking them? This post is for you, because you CAN get your balance back!

fertility drugs
That your hormonal system is quite delicate, is probably not news to you! The slightest thing can have an effect on it that you see back in your current cycle or your cycle pattern.

  • In an extra stressful month alone you may already ovulate later or not at all.
  • If your prolactin is slighly high you will have an anovulatory cycle.
  • If your estrogen is slightly low you will have less cervical mucus and be less fertile.
  • If you progesterone is slightly off you luteal phase can be cut short several days.
  • Some alcohol or a late night will throw off your morning temperatures (for those of you that are charting).
  • And so on!

What do you imagine happens if you have had high doses of synthetic hormones?

The best way to explain that your hormonal system is a feedback system is through the example of your cycle!

When your cycle starts (first day of your period), levels of FSH will rise to mature an egg. As the little egg matures, your ovary produces estrogen. Estrogen then will tell the anterior piturary gland to stop the FSH and start producing LH which when high enough tells the ovary to release the egg. The ovary then produces progesterone telling the anterior pituitary to stop the LH, LH drops, progesterone drops, and then your uterus sheds your womb lining in the form of your period.

In diagram (I love diagrams :)):

FSH → egg is matured → estrogen → tells anterior pituitary to slow FSH and produce LH → tells ovary to release egg → ovary produces progesterone → tells anterior pituirary to slow LH → progesterone slows down as LH slows down → progesterone drops so much that your uterus release the lining → you have your period.

Your glands are constantly talking to each other through hormones on what to do next.

Now, if you put someone else in there with a megaphone (synthetic hormones in high doses) you can see how at first the system might respond and go into overdrive.. but being as delicate as it is.. eventually is just left out of whack.

In the best case scenario a woman has then already conceived and the trouble is not noticed until after she’s given birth and stopped nursing.

In the worst case scenario, she is left even more infertile than before starting the drugs.

Often you see that the ovaries don’t seem to remember how to ovulate under normal hormone levels or just don’t remember to ovulate at all (sometimes even with fertility drugs!). Or you see that the system continues to be in overdrive and ovaries develop cysts leaving a woman with a PCOS diagnosis.

The idea that your hormonal system will go back to it’s normal balance after stopping the drugs, is unfortunately just not always the case.

a) If it does, may take a while and..

b) It may not happen at all if your body doesn’t have the health to recover.

You see, the definition of health is that you are able to get back in balance after a change in your environment, whether that is internal or external.

For example:

  • External change: you go outside where it is hotter than inside, and you start to sweat to cool off
  • Internal change: you eat a mango and your blood sugar goes up, and your body produces insulin so the sugar goes into your cells and your blood sugar level returns to balance.

The same applies to emotional things, for example that you are able to come up with a plan after getting the shock of an unexpected bill. Or that you hear sad news and that you react by crying and processing it.

After fertility drugs, your body should be able to adapt to normal hormonal levels again.

But if you’ve had fertility treatment, then you likely had health issues before starting already.

So if your body is not healthy, how will it adapt again to normal hormonal levels? Sometimes you may have the health to recover, but the imprint of the synthetic hormones is so deep, your body can’t do it alone.

It’s like asking a city to recover after being bombed. In the best case scenario it will do so but it will take time to rebuild. In the worst case scenario the city was already weak and the bombing was so bad that all resources and builders are gone. Then the city will never return to the way it was before, let alone be in a better state.

Ectopic pregnancy risk

It is also good to know that fertility drugs are known to raise the chances of you having an ectopic pregnancy. They somehow can affect the ability of the Fallopian tubes to contract efficiently and move an embryo down to the uterus… Yikes!

Reclaiming your fertility!

Now, after all this doom and gloom, here is the solution. Surprise, surprise: it is homeopathy! The thing is, homeopathy is all about recovering your own healing ability.

1. It brings up your vitality so that you can get back into balance

2. It removes the imprint of the drugs so that your system can reset

If you have used fertility drugs (or steroids, the contraceptive pill or labor drugs for that matter) you need a homeopathic detox. If you haven’t recovered on your own, you simply don’t have the vitality and the imprint is just too deep to expect it to get better by itself.

Some effects I’ve seen over the years from detoxing synthetic hormones:

  • Hypothyroid patients getting hyperthyroid symptoms and needing to cut back on medication
  • Ovulation coming back (regularly)
  • Cervical mucus reappearing
  • Ovarian cysts reducing
  • Painful periods becoming normal flows
  • …and of course, beautiful babies that grow up into healthy gorgeous children!

If you conceived your baby after using fertility drugs or had a medicated birth, and your baby has health issues, then they too will likely benefit hugely from a detox. More on detoxing babies from labor drugs soon!

Detoxing the way that I detox my patients, is now easy for you to do yourself at home! I teach it step by step on my program the Fertility Reclaim.

If you are thinking about giving fertility drugs a try because you are desperate and think there is no hope for you to get pregnant any other way, I highly encourage you to check out the success stories. You still have options to get healthier and more fertile naturally!