Making the most of this cycle | 5 tips for every phase of the fertility journey

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Whether hubby and you decided all romantically this past weekend you’re going to start trying for a baby, or you’ve been at it for months (years), you want this very next cycle to count. I hear you, so let me help you get the most out of this cycle!

How to get pregnant faster and increase your chances this month

No matter how long you have been trying, you want to fall pregnant fast right? And you know what, you can significantly increase your chances this very month just by going through the following steps. Yes, even if you have been trying for a while, you will likely find something here that you haven’t covered yet!

1. Make love before you ovulate

If you’ve been on the pill, you may have been scared into the idea that you could get pregnant any time you took the pill too late, forgot it, drank alcohol or got sick. Although it’s true that the pill is no longer reliable when that happens, it does not actually mean you can fall pregnant that easily! The thing is that you are really only fertile 5 days per cycle (1st day of period till the next period). These days are the days leading up to ovulation. After ovulation the egg is gone and you cannot fall pregnant again that cycle.

Most women ovulate about halfway their cycle if they have a textbook cycle of 28 days, that means about day 14 (day 1 is the first day of your period) so you will want to start trying daily from day 10.

If you cycles are however shorter or longer, then count back 14 days from your period. So if your cycles are usually about 32 days, start trying at 32-14-4 = day 14. Shorter cycles of 26 days? Start trying at 26-14-4 = cycle day 8.

Already tried this for several months? Keep reading!

2. Read your body’s fertile signs

There is an extra trick to find out if you are fertile and about to ovulate. You can see this from the cervical mucus. Cervical what? Yes, mucus. This is produced around the cervix which is at the top of your vagina and closes of your womb. Before we ovulate this mucus increases & changes (All you need to know about cervical mucus). If you spot that change and increase, you know ovulation is coming up!

The most fertile mucus looks like raw egg white, so if you get this discharge, make sure to make love from then on daily till it disappears.

Not getting this discharge or getting very little? Keep reading!
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3. Discover your fertile pattern

Not every woman has textbook cycles. Even the ones that often do, can have cycles that are shorter or longer than normal. Ovulation can even vary per cycle, and may not be halfway but earlier or later. If you only have 5 fertile days a month, but your ovulation timing is different, it becomes key to be able to predict your individual fertile pattern.

If you only have 5 fertile days a month, but your ovulation timing is different, it becomes key to be able to predict your individual fertile pattern.

So if you’ve been trying for a while with the tips above and you are not falling pregnant, it is time to start charting your cycle to discover if you are ovulating at all, and if you do, when that usually is. You can then start to predict when your fertile window opens. To learn to do this, sign up to my free fertility charting e-course and get on top of your fertile pattern.

4. Kick the candida

Candida is a fungus that lives with us. That’s ok. When it overgrows, not so much. This is when you have yeast infections / thrush, or fungal nails, athletes foot, or dandruff. Varying digestion with lots of wind and a strong craving for sugar is usually an indication too. So even if you don’t have any itching or funny smells down there, you could be having a slumbering yeast infection.

The problem is that candida ruins cervical mucus and kills sperm.

So get yourself on some prebiotics and probiotics and cut the sugar. Chances are you will see you cervical mucus improve. If not, keep reading!

5. Support hormonal glands

When you decided together you want to start a family, “the task” almost made you relive the day you were proposed to right? All baby dust, googly eyes, planning your baby moon, romantic stay-in nights. But then your period came. And again, and again. Now you have been trying for a while and are starting to get fed up with Aunt Flo showing up every month. All you want is get pregnant NOW.  How come new seasons and spin-offs of Teen Mom are filled effortlessly and for you nothing is happening?

Chances are that you may be dealing with a hormone imbalance. If you have started charting you may have already picked up on that because you may ovulate late or early, or have a short luteal phase, or varying or low temperatures.

Lack of quality cervical mucus, PMS, heavy or too light periods, and painful periods are also indications of hormonal imbalance.

With homeopathic remedies you can restore this. All my patients experience improvement in some area within the first month of treatment. This includes:

  • Lighter (or heavier) and less painful periods
  • Increased cervical mucus
  • (More timely) ovulation
  • Longer luteal phases
  • And more

This is because part of the treatment is support of the pituitary gland, thyroid, adrenal glands and ovaries. This way, we can make the most of every cycle because supporting the glands today that struggle, can then start to function better within several days. Homeopathic treatment increases your chance of falling pregnant this very (next) cycle. It shows in the fact that 36% of my patients that fall pregnant, do so within 2 cycles, and 55% within 4 cycles.

Even better: 91% falls pregnant within 9 months!

Wherever you are in your fertility journey, I would love to walk alongside you and help you increase your chances as we work on getting you and your man to the healthiest spot possible. You can apply for treatment and book your fertility assessment if you are ready to work with me.

6. Bonus tip: improve egg quality

Worried about your egg quality because you have been told that your egg quality isn’t great or because you are nearing or past 40? This is the video for you. After all, you need just ONE good egg, or as one of my patients always said, “the golden egg”!